(Includes the Drama Ministry)
The music ministry during the past year has played an active role in the worship service and in other activities of the church and the community.

Nancy Durham and Kris Lafary continue as directors of the adult choir. Crystal Welch is the wonderful church organist, and Vicki Ahaus has joined her at the piano for hymn singing. Crystal and Vicki along with Kris Lafary, Nancy Durham, Steve Antras, and the Pastor, makes the choices for and leads the singing of hymns, praise choruses, and special music needs. We also appreciate Lily Welch helping lead the praise choruses at the beginning of the services. We have several others who have also been supportive to help out on the piano and organ when asked.

The adult choir continues to hold fairly steady with an average singing number of 15. This year we mourned the loss of our very faithful friends Helen Peck and Merrill Bruce but continue to celebrate their service to the choir and the church but most of all, to the Lord. We also support various members who have suffered personally with various illnesses, injuries, and losses. We have welcomed Junior and Lillian Powell to the choir and enjoy their beautiful voices and positive spirits.

Nancy and Kris have continued to lead the Good News Choir in special numbers twice a month with an average number of 5 singers. The congregation has enjoyed their energetic selections, including “Thank You, Lord,” and “Pledge of Allegiance.” This year the children presented a short Easter program, “The Easter Story.” Lily Welch and Justin Wittmer “graduated” from the children’s program this spring. The Good News Choir and friends also presented a full Christmas drama/musical “A Country Christmas with a City Twist-mas.”

During the Easter season, the adult choir presented the cantata I Will Embrace the Cross with Ted Ahaus as narrator. The choir also presented special music at one of the Laughery Association’s Lenten services. Kris presented specials at another of the services. The drama ministry presented a short vignette in association with the Agape Meal called In Remembrance of Me.

The drama ministry performed a sequel this spring to the well-received drama of 2016 with a number of women presenting the humorous Church Ladies II for the entertainment of the Mother/Daughter banquet.

The ffifth annual summer drama was another huge success as an ensemble of new and “old” actors presented It’s a Cool Life. The accompanying dinner theater setting was sponsored by the local insurance businesses of Steve Baugh and Brad Samples, and we are grateful for their support and encouragement.

For the Christmas season, the adult choir presented the new cantata Sing the Glory for the Hanging of the Greens service. The children and youth created the nativity pageant during the program, culminating with the Wrightsman family representing the Holy Family at the end of the
Service. Brenda Cantrell, Cheryl Welch, and Beth Mathes, directed the adult “decorators,” and Rosemary Study and Darrel Scott served as moderators. In December the choirs and individual soloists entertained with songs of the season.

The choir is blessed with many members who are willing to sing solos during choir performances as well as during the offering. Many others, including children and youth, have also presented special music during the year, and we appreciate all their musical offerings.

The music ministry is also grateful for the continued efforts of the sound team to assist us in making the music programs as enjoyable and spiritually uplifting as possible. Our projection system under the direction of Marty Porter, Alan Welch, and the Pastor has added great beauty to our services.

We are grateful for all the people who help us coordinate the special programs from the ushers to the deaconesses to the deacons to the office personnel to the decorations committee and so many more. Of course, we are blessed with an encouraging leadership team...Pastor Mike and Brenda.

God continues to bless us richly and provides us with strength and grace and wisdom and courage whenever we feel weak and/or discouraged. We pray that we may continue to serve Him through our various programs and in the coming year with the same love and dedication that He shows us on a daily basis.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Durham, co-director of the Adult Choir and member of the Music Committee

Our Young People and Children at the Hanging of the Greens performance in November. The Wrightsman family with 6 month old Carter Wrightsman as the Holy Family.

Our Music Committee: Front row, Left to right: Kris Lafary, Nancy Durham, Vicki Ahaus, Back row: Left to right: Crystal Welch and Shirley Pavey.

The Children’s Christmas program in December. “ A Country Christmas With a City Twist-mas” performed before a large crowd in the Family Life Center.