OFFICERS-will serve one year

*Moderator – Rand Hooton *Assistant Moderator – Steve Antras
*Clerk –Rosalie Hooton *Assistant Clerk – Beth Mathes
*Treasurer – Steve Baugh *Assistant Treasurer - Shirley Pavey
*Financial Secretary –Lynn Baugh *Assistant Financial Secretary – Nancy Durham

*Sunday School Superintendent - Dawn Brinson
*Assistant Sunday School Superintendent – Gene Hafft, Dannie Welch

Deacons-9 Deaconess - 9 Trustees-6
Wayne Asche (2018) Cheryl Welch (2018) Ed Antras (2018)
Brent Pavey (2018) Rosalie Hooton (2018) Bill Hughes (2018)
Dennis Schwanholt (2018) Shirley Pavey (2018) Ted Ahaus (2019)
Shannon Schmaltz (2019) Beth Mathes (2019) Steve Baugh (2019)
(2019) Vicki Ahaus (2019) Rod Hite (2020)
(2019) (2019) Dannie Welch (2020) Bob Dixon (2020) Linda Gray (2020)

Board of Christian Education-6
Carol Holzer (2018)
Jane Rogers (2018)
Lynn Baugh (2019)
Nancy Porter (2019)
Mandy Hite (2019)
Kris Lafary (2019)

Nominating Committee
Vicki Ahaus Steve Baugh A New Nominating Committee
Carol Holzer Tom Pavey will be formed in September, 2018
Marty Porter Steve Antras


2018 Standing Committees

Darrel Scott
Dwight Hooton
Rand Hooton

Darrel Scott
Shirley Pavey
Iona Faye Tindle
Larry Sutherlin
Steve Antras
Steve Baugh (Treasure-Ex-Officio)
Lynn Baugh (Financial Secretary Ex-Officio)

Flowers & Decorations

Carolyn Fisk-Chairman
Beth Mathes

Cheryl Welch, Co-Chairman
Carolyn Fisk, Co-Chairman
Lynn Baugh
Penny Brinson
Nancy Durham
Rosalie Hooton
Brenda Huntington
Shirla Jones
Connie Mann
Shirley Pavey
Belvadean Strimple
Janet Stutler
Sue Sutherlin

Cheryl Welch
Dianne Boston
Geneva Kennedy
Marian McKittrick


Nancy Durham, Co-Chairman
Kris Lafary Co-Chairman
Vicki Ahaus—Faith Lafary
Crystal Welch—Shirley Pavey


Natalie Brinson—Chairman
Connie Mann
Shirley Pavey
Becky Roepke

Nancy Durham, Chairman
Lynn Baugh
Penny Brinson
Carolyn Fisk
Rosalie Hooton
James Martin
Marjorie Martin
Shirley Pavey
Tom Pavey
Sue Sutherlin
Cheryl Welch


Gene Hafft, Chairman
Darrel Scott
Shawn Cantrell
Bob Gray
Dwight Hooton
Bill Hughes
Bud Huntington
John Mann— Jim Roepke
Jeff Rogers- Randy Bustle


2018 TEAMS

Teams 1 year term 2018

Appointed by the Library Comm.
Cheryl Welch
Larry Sutherlin
Donna Hooton

Appointed by the Social Comm.
Cheryl Welch-Chairman
Iona Faye Tindle
Lynn Baugh
Penny Brinson
Carolyn Fisk
Rosalie Hooton
Shirla Jones
Connie Mann
Shirley Pavey
Tom Pavey
Belvadean Strimple
Janet Stutler
Ruth Thornton
Anyone who would like to volunteer

Nursery Team
Appointed by the Bd. Of Christian Ed.

Appointed by the Deaconess
Nancy Durham
Gayle Wrightsman

Sound and Projection
Appointed by the Trustees.
Dannie Welch
Alan Welch
Cory Welch
Marty Porter, Sr.

Appointed by the Ushering Comm.
Sue Sutherlin, Chairman
Liz Dixon
Jim Martin
Shirley Pavey
Rosemary Study
Travis Wrightsman

Prayer Shawl
Marian McKittrick, Chairman
Dianne Boston
Ruth Thornton
Sue Sutherlin
Cheryl Welch

Advisory Council
Moderator—Rand Hooton
Clerk - Rosalie Hooton
Treasurer - Steve Baugh
Financial Secretary- Lynn Baugh
Church School Superintendent – Dawn Brinson

Deacons -
Deaconess - Vicki Ahaus & Rosalie Hooton—Co-Chairman
Trustees - Co-Chairpersons
Christian Ed. -
Pre School Governing Bd.
Auditing Chairperson -
Finance Chairperson—Darrel Scott
Flower & Decoration— Carolyn Fisk
Social Comm. - Nancy Durham & Cheryl Welch
Kitchen Comm. - Cheryl Welch—Carolyn Fisk
Library - Cheryl Welch
Music - Nancy Durham & Kris Lafary co-chairpersons
Ushering Chairperson - Gene Hafft
ABWM - Shirley Pavey
Sr. ABY—Crystal Welch
Jr. ABY—Dawn Brinson—Cheryl Welch
P B & J—Dawn Brinson